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Yoga studios are always looking for a way to attract individuals to the calm and relaxing nature of yoga and those interested in self discipline and health. Adding unique, tranquility focused signage that is designed for the customers is a great way to grab the attention of the stressed and inactive and bring their attention to the benefits of yoga. Here is a rundown of the top 8 great ideas for yoga studio signs.Do you want to learn more? Visit

Yard Signs

Yard signs used to direct business and advertise to potential customers around local health spots like health food stores, vitamin shops, and shopping centers is all about building recognition for your studio. If you customer don’t know you’re around, your sign marketing will never succeed. Include your studio name and phone number and a simple statement about how yoga brings peace of mind and body. Make sure to list the strengths and tranquility that can be attained by enrolling in your classes.

Vinyl Banner

Hang a vinyl banner with a strong message but soothing tranquil colors over your yoga studio to really attract attention. A strong, motivating message accompanied by the cool, calming colors creates an aura that attracts customers. Keep your message simple and large for impact, and add a motivating image of tranquility and discipline. A large banner is the ideal way to announce a grand opening or great new membership deal. Banners are also a quick way to add your studio name to remote classes and event booths for a very visible sign at a very low cost.

Wall Decals

Add some inspiration to the inside of your yoga studio using decals made specifically for business walls and uncommon surfaces. These fabric decals are reusable, can be cut to any shape, and are specifically designed to be applied anywhere without causing damage. Use reusable decals to line with walls like wallpaper with images that represent and inspire tranquility.

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering adds a professional look to any business. This is the ideal material for your studio hours and name, and can be creatively designed to add a professional yet modern look to a business. You can also list your classes along the windows, like pilates, prenatal yoga, seniors yoga, and other services you might offer.

Vinyl Decals

Add your studio logo and attractive, motivating images to your studio windows using vinyl decals. These full color decals are adhesive based and designed to go on the outside of the window. They are weatherproof and fade resistant and can be printed at any size. The full-color printing is super vibrant making it great way to add images and studio logos that will get noticed. They can be applied inside or outside, and easily cut to custom shapes. Use a shaped decal for your studio logo or create a window advertisement that lists your services in full-color. Decals should not be used to cover the full window, rather added as smaller advertising signs or running along the bottom of the window so they don’t block visibility.

Window Clings

Special promotions and discounted classes are a great way to increase membership at your studio and attract new attendants who otherwise may not have the motivation to try yoga. Add window clings that list your membership deals and special offers. Window clings can also decorate studio mirrors and bring tranquility into the room by adding shaped leaves and natural elements.

One-Way Vision

If your studio classroom is covered with windows into your classrooms, one-way vision is an ideal solution to adding privacy while keeping natural light. The material is solid from the outside and see through from inside, offering large noticeable advertising that sets the theme for your studio. Create a serene scene across your business front to focus on the de-stressing abilities of yoga.

Window Stickers

Let your students promote your yoga studio using window stickers. Stickers can include your studio name, logo, and your studio mantra. Members will be happy to show off their dedication to yoga and inner-strength, and you can take advantage of the publicity.

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