Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Explained

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, also called low intensity magnetic therapy, uses alternating electromagnetic fields to heal depression and non-union broken bones. In 2021, the FDA had approved many of these magnetic therapies for the treatment of depression, migraines, sleep disorders and chronic pain. These methods use a variety of methods including ultrasound, transcranial magnetic stimulation, magnetotherapy and other non-invasive methods. In recent years, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has expanded to include several additional techniques such as: pain relief, the prevention of pain, the treatment of migraine headaches and even joint and muscle conditions. In some cases it has been discovered that Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy can even help in the treatment and recovery of cancer. You can try these out Pulsed Energy Technologies

One of the most interesting uses that is currently being tested in hospitals is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to treat post-operative pain. A study was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, which found that Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, when combined with local anesthetic, led to increased post-operative pain relief for all the patients in the study. The increased pain relief came from the fact that the anesthetic taken during the surgical procedure was effective in blocking the release of neuropeptides, which cause pain. The study concluded that Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy was very effective in reducing pain after a hip-replacement surgery. This is the first instance of pain relief being found through Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, although other studies are expected.

The principle on which Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy works is simple, yet not easy to translate into a daily operation. It begins with a mild electrical current applied directly to the affected body part via a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device known as a Pulsed Electrical, Magnetic Device (PEMF). When applied or exerted over a period of time, this mild electric current produced by a PEMF will create a change in the electrical resistance along the nerve path. As a result, a direct current is produced along the nerve pathway. When the current travels down the nerve, it exits the body through the same or another PEMF device and this creates the desired effect on the area being treated.