Seasonal Pond Maintenance

When you successfully construct a pond in your backyard, the overall aesthetic value of the area increases. The pond not only helps everything in your garden look more natural, but it also makes it feel more natural. The plants and animals that live in and around the pond form an environment that is both useful and challenging for you, the pond owner. Even if a newbie pond keeper is forgiven, it is still necessary to know a few things about pond management. Kansas City Waterfalls Association is one of the authority sites on this topic.
The first things you should know before cleaning up your pond are the factors that make it unworthy of compliments. The pond’s harmonic existence is hampered by dead plants, weeds, insects, dried leaves, and other unpleasant decaying items. After you’ve figured out where these sources come from, you can start thinking about how to keep the pond clean all year.
The fall is the time of year when you should put in extra work in your pond. This is to get you ready for the hardest season of the year, winter. This is the time of year when the water begins to freeze. Before that happens, you should remove all of the items that you believe will be harmed throughout the winter. If there are no fish in the pond, the filters, pumps, and aerators should be removed. If there are, you can remove these pond supplies for the time being while you de-ice the water. In the fall, there will undoubtedly be more dried leaves and twigs that will fall into the pond, which is why it is important that you keep fallible plants away from your pond.
Your pond’s worst season is the winter. This is the time of year when the entire water system must contend with the extremely cold temperatures that cause the water to freeze. Because the lives of those who rely on the pond are at risk, you must be prepared. In this type of season, your best buddy is a heater or a de-icer. It’s critical that you keep track of how quickly the water in the pond freezes. If you fail to check on it and it becomes frozen, methane gas can build up quickly, making the entire system unhealthy for the fish. When de-icing the pond water, make sure to take the pump and pond filter out of the pond for a while. Remove any dead plants or other undesired detritus from the pond’s surface as well. Also, remove any snow from the pond’s surface to allow enough sunlight to enter the pond.