Painting The Exterior Of Your Home

Exterior house painting techniques begin with the preparation of the exterior surface to be painted. Abrasive preparation of the surface to be painted is important to prevent the use of too much paint finish thinner. It is also necessary to use the right paint preparation mix and application tools for the job being performed.Have a look at Pittsburgh exterior painting for more info on this.

One method of applying an exterior coating is referred to as brushing. Brushing is done with the brush or roller and the paint is applied to a smooth, clean and dry surface. It is important to wait the paint to dry completely before performing any painting work. Before painting the house, it is important to remember that the best time to apply paint is when the sun is about noon. Applying the paint at this time will allow the paint to dry much faster and allow the painter to create a gloss finish on the exterior surface.

The best time to perform exterior painting work on hard surfaces like concrete, pavers and bricks is during the rainy season. This is the off season for most homes. There are times in most areas where the temperatures are high enough to prevent painting the home exterior during these seasons. In addition, the paints used to protect concrete, brick and pavers do not dry very quickly. So it is best to wait until the sultry summer months when these surfaces can be adequately wetted with water and properly prepped for painting.


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