Medical Marijuana Doctors at Missouri Green Team- A Summary

Cannabis has been used medicinally for over 4,000 years. Until recently, scientists knew little about how the drug works on the brain. It was made illegal in the United States in the 1930’s, and this has hampered further research. However, recent clinical studies show that the active ingredient THC works by mimicking certain of the brain’s neurotransmitters. The same properties that give users a euphoric feeling can also stop pain and treat various illnesses. Click here to find more about Medical Weed Cards at Missouri Green Team are here
The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana
Studies have shown that medical marijuana can work well as a pain killer and anti-emetic (anti-nausea). It also helps to induce appetite. These qualities are helpful for patients suffering from cancer, especially after getting chemotherapy. These qualities can also help AIDS patients. Drugs that treat AIDS have side effects, and medical marijuana is effective in taking the edge off of them.
Specifically, THC may help patients who suffer from glaucoma. Studies show that it lowers intraocular pressure, thus giving a small bit of relief to those who suffer from the disease. It may also help folks who suffer from multiple sclerosis. It relieves pain and treats spasticity, and the latest trials show that it may help in preventing the neurodegeneration associated with the disease.
Another plus is that it’s relatively safe. While it’s not true that the drug is completely safe with no side effects, it is safer than many prescription drugs. It carries no risk of physical addiction, no risk of death, and the only physical health effects are due to the fact that it’s smoked. Many experts feel that marijuana is safer than alcohol.
Why All The Interest Now?
The idea of medical marijuana has been around for years, but only now is it finally being taken seriously. Why the sudden interest? In general, society’s attitude toward the drug has softened as the war on drugs focuses on more harmful drugs like crystal meth, crack cocaine and heroin. This trend goes along with a decrease in the stigma associated with the drug. It was once thought of as a drug for hippies and degenerates, but now it’s just as likely your next door neighbor may smoke it!

Missouri Green Team – Things To Know

The United States government has been a bit coy on how it feels about cannabis dispensaries, as the practice has been illegal for quite some time. However, it seems that they’ve finally gotten the message, as the US Department of Justice sent out a press release informing the public that it would no longer arrest people for possession or cultivation of marijuana or any other type of illegal drug. The DOJ also states that all the charges against people who were arrested because of their marijuana use will be dropped.Do you want to learn more? Visit Missouri Green Team – Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations

This is huge news for those of you who’ve been waiting for this to happen, especially those of you who are in the medical marijuana industry and have a number of patients. Now you can relax and let your patients get through their lives, without worrying about going to jail because they were caught with an illegal substance.

It seems that when the government says that it’s going to eliminate charges against marijuana dispensaries it means that it’s going to completely eliminate them. Even those who were previously facing charges for possession will not have to go to jail anymore. This means that you can relax, and you can be assured that you can go about doing your business as usual without having to worry about getting into legal trouble, which is what the past few years have been like for the medical marijuana industry.

Marijuana has been around since prehistoric times, but we’re just now starting to see how much it’s helped people deal with pain and disease. It’s also been used to help relieve stress and reduce fatigue. If there is something better than marijuana that is helping people then it’s only a matter of time before the medicinal benefits of this plant become widespread and accepted.

Even with this recent announcement by the US government, you can be sure that medical marijuana and other forms of medical marijuana are still illegal in the eyes of the government. And the reason why is because they don’t want to give the pharmaceutical companies a reason to raise their prices and stop producing the medications that are actually necessary to keep people healthy.

So as you can see, there are lots of reasons why the government is afraid of medical marijuana, including that it can create a black market for people who want to get their hands on medicinal marijuana legally. However, the Obama administration and the Department of Health are trying to make it clear that the medical marijuana industry is only illegal in terms of the sales and cultivation itself. After that point, you’ll be able to purchase it without having to worry about getting in trouble with the law.