Dallas Drug Crime Attorney Know Your Rights & Protect Yourself in Court

If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime in Jersey, it’s important to understand your rights and your legal options. A highly seasoned drug crime attorney with experience fighting these types of cases can help you navigate the criminal justice system and fight for your freedom. The Drug Enforcement Administration classifies drugs into Schedule I, Schedule II, Schedule III, and Schedule IV, which are considered the most dangerous of all. These include heroin, LSD, crack-cocaine, methamphetamines, and others. As prescribed medications, prescription painkillers may be distributed legally by a doctor, but illegal street drugs such as heroin, crystal meth, and marijuana are not available through a prescription.Do you want to learn more? Visit Drug Crime Attorney near me

The penalties associated with drug crimes can include probation, jail time, drug rehabilitation programs, fines, drug tests, community service, or sentencing enhancements through state sentencing programs. Whatever the case, it’s critical that you retain a lawyer skilled in the appropriate field to represent you and fight for the charges against you. In cases involving substance abuse or addiction, substance abuse counselors and lawyers are often available to assist clients in finding a suitable alternative sentencing arrangement through the state or federal court system.

Stop being framed as the victim. Speak with a drug crime attorney experienced in defending clients charged with distributing, using or manufacturing drugs. Whether you face a misdemeanor or felony charge, your rights and the ability to defend yourself should always be attended to, especially if you are an American citizen. Don’t stand alone in defending your freedoms and your life. Contact a lawyer today so that you may begin the process of being cleared of any wrongdoing.