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You would never get behind the wheel of a car drunk, right? But do these same rules apply to marijuana? Does marijuana prevent you from making rational and safe choices? More importantly, has marijuana legalization increased the number of car accidents? The number one argument against the decriminalization of cannabis is the road safety of others. Here is everything you need to know to stay safe.

Impaired Driving

In states where medical marijuana is legal, there are some restrictions on certain activities like driving. Even states that don’t have marijuana legalization have rules in place in order to protect you and others. Since there isn’t a simple field test, like with alcohol, how do you know if you are okay to drive? The best way to know if you are being safe is to know yourself. Unlike alcohol, marijuana still lets you have a clear head. This means that you are better able to make smart decisions.Feel free to find more information at Cannasseur Pueblo West.

Many people think that driving while high isn’t that big of a deal. There is, however, a big difference between driving high and driving blasted. did a great study that helps to clear the difference up. Many people use sparingly to treat pain and are still able to live a normal life. This includes driving. To be sure that you are staying safe, check with your doctor to see what they say. Make sure, to be honest about your daily cannabis dosage.

Has there been an increase in accidents?

Has marijuana legalization increased the number of car accidents? It should be known that people have been driving under the influence long before legalization. This doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a significant effect. According to CNBC, there is an increase in accidents. These studies were done mainly in the states where marijuana has been legalized.

They could many reasons for this. The number one reason is that it is harder to regulate how impaired you are. With alcohol, there are breathalyzer tests and field tests. Testing for marijuana is trickier. This would require a blood test and very specific level of THC in your system. This cannot always be done in a pinch. Also, since marijuana legalization, more people are using cannabis. This will naturally lead to an increase in accidents.

Cannasseur Pueblo West – Important Reminder!

It is very important to remember that you must always check with the local laws before you purchase marijuana products from a recreational dispensary. Although most stores will allow customers to purchase marijuana and cannabis products without a prescription, some do require a valid ID. If you are caught in an illegal arrest, you may lose your ability to purchase cannabis or marijuana products from the store. In addition to the penalties associated with being caught selling or cultivating cannabis, you could lose your house, your car, and more.Do you want to learn more? Visit Cannasseur Pueblo West-Dispensaries

A legitimate, licensed, and recreational cannabis store will not sell you cannabis products unless you purchase them from them. If you are offered cannabis by an undercover officer, it is best to refuse and not purchase any of the items. If you are asked for ID, politely refuse again until the officer understands you will only purchase marijuana if you are legally permitted to do so in your state. When purchasing cannabis from a medical dispensary, you will be required to sign a form acknowledging that you are aware of the difference between medical and recreational legal cannabis. If you are offered cannabis products by an officer, it is best to decline and refuse again until the officers understand you will only purchase marijuana from a legally licensed medical cannabis store.

As long as you are over 21 years old and are using a valid ID, you can legally consume small amounts of cannabis or marijuana. However, if you are caught transporting or selling cannabis to people younger than 21 years old, you could be arrested and sent to prison for up to two years. Even if you are caught transporting or selling pot in other states, you can be sent to prison for up to three years. As long as you are not violating any other laws, you should not worry about violating the law in the state when it comes to buying, selling, or consuming cannabis.