Make Friends With Your Heart – And Take Control Of Your Health

“I just thought you would be interested in hearing the most recent update from my Cardiologist, whom I saw on Monday, just because it’s been over a year since my MI.” Susan, a 62-year-old patient from Sedona, Arizona, sent me an email message about a year after she had a major heart attack. “”When I first saw him, he was a little disturbed because I told him I wasn’t taking any drugs and hadn’t since August,” she added. During our conversation, he said that he would most likely prescribe a couple of drugs for me to resume taking, but first he wanted to perform an echocardiogram and a stress test.”Feel free to find more information at Advanced Heart And Vascular Of Central New Jersey.

“They were completed in his office after I agreed to both of them. I became exhausted while on the treadmill, so I told his assistants, and they said, ‘You might be tired, but your heart isn’t!’ The echocardiogram and stress test, they said, were both within acceptable limits. ‘I am totally shocked, just totally surprised, these tests show a healthy heart, no loss at all!’ said the Cardiologist when he returned to the bed. Then you should go ahead, do what you’ve been doing, and come back in six months to see me.’ He didn’t say something more about prescriptions.”
Her message ended with her expressing her gratitude for all of the advice and recommendations that had empowered her to assert a safe, normal heart. Susan is one of thousands of people who were diagnosed with incurable heart disease but have learned to cope with it.

Love is the most powerful force in the world. It is a heart impulse that bestows harmony, vitality, and satisfaction while also setting in motion the proper karma to bring us to completion. When the need for inner change is not understood, heart disease becomes necessary. The degree of negativity we hold in our hearts toward others and ourselves corresponds to the degree of heart disease. The limiting effects of our karmic problems begin to crumble when we choose love as the primary force and inspiration behind our thoughts and acts, and a new sense of freedom and harmony starts to overtake our intentions and desires. Many who are willing to make this option will not only recover from heart disease or its early stages, but will also awaken to a clarity of consciousness that will enable them to better understand the chaos, confusion, and fear that is prevalent at this point of global transformation. Negative problems are no longer seen as roadblocks, but rather as opportunities for happiness development and expansion.

Medicine based on love
Heart disease was an exceedingly rare disease less than a century ago. In the developing world today, it kills more people than all other causes of death combined. According to the most comprehensive research on heart disease, a lack of satisfaction is by far the most significant risk factor for developing heart problems. Only love-based medicine can fully heal the heart and protect the body from illness and ageing, since pleasure is one of the primary expressions of love. If fear is the driving force behind a person’s decision to pursue a medication or make significant dietary or lifestyle changes, the chances of progress or rehabilitation are slim. The current approaches to treating heart disease are symptom-focused and do not discuss the root causes.

Because of a generation of breakthroughs in cardiac care – new treatments, bypass procedures, and angioplasties – death rates from heart attacks have decreased slightly in several developed countries. The recipients of this treatment are now coping with the consequences: their broken hearts continue to beat, but they are no longer powerful enough to allow them to live a normal life.