Know more about Vinyl plantation shutters

Add value to your home while creating the privacy you need and still allowing the light you want in your home with vinyl plantation shutters. These tried and true shutters have been around for a very long time and have proven that they will never go out of style. With modern day technology these shutters will last for many years to come.Do you want to learn more? Visit Vinyl plantation shutters near me

Originally made from wide wood slats mounted in a frame, these shutters were designed to create shade to keep the interior of a building cool while allowing air flow through the room. These shutters have been used since at least the Middle Ages and were used in buildings that had windows without glass. During the winter or during stormy weather the shutters were closed to keep the inside warm and dry and kept open in warmer weather to allow fresh air into the home.

When Europeans first settled the Caribbean and Southern America they brought these shutters with them and used them in plantation homes, which is why these shutters are called plantation shutters. These shutters are also called louvers and even sometimes jalousies. Oddly enough jalousies is from the old French meaning jealous, maybe this word was chosen because people without these shutters were jealous of those who did.

Modern day louvers can be made in a variety of materials, but vinyl is one of the favored choices. Not only are vinyl shutters cheaper than wood ones, but they last much longer as well. Vinyl shutters won’t chip, fade, or peel like traditional wood shutters do. Plus they are easy to clean using a simple cloth with a little soap if necessary. These shutters are highly resistant to moisture making them a great choice for bathrooms, pools, and anywhere else moisture is found in abundance.

As an added benefit the majority of these shutters don’t need any curtains or valances to trim the window with. The only real exception is cafe shutters, this style only goes up the window about halfway allowing for extra light at the top of the window while still keeping your privacy. Some people may choose to add a valance for decorative purposes and to close the open part of the window if needed.

Vinyl plantation shutters can be custom made to fit almost any window, even round ones. When picking your shutters make sure the slats are appropriately sized for the window. Larger windows should have no less than a 3/12; inch slat, and keep smaller windows to 3/12; or less. Another option for your shutters is the tilt bar, originally placed in the center of the shutter, it can also be placed on the left or right side of the shutter or even be hidden all together. For a truly modern shutter consider getting them mechanized so that the shutters can be adjusted allowing the perfect amount of light in the house or even opening the shutters on a whim. As an added benefit, many of these new shutters are simple to install saving you money on a professional installation.