Estate Property Management Equals Disputes and Complaints

Here are a few basic rules to follow if you are a leaseholder in a block of flats and want to file a complaint or dispute on how the leasehold or freehold is handled. Hopefully, this guidance will assist you in confronting your property management agents and resolving the issues you’re having. Visit this web-site

If a reputable property management firm is hired to ensure that the freehold or leasehold property runs smoothly, fair standards can be required. Your leasehold property managers should have a straightforward policy for dealing with complaints and concerns from leaseholders, freeholders, and other parties if they are a professional estate management business.

This protocol should be spelled out in detail and distributed to all parties involved. It should provide a set of measures for resolving issues or misunderstandings.

If you don’t have a copy of a complaints management protocol, request one from your managing agent. You have a legal right to this knowledge.

Wherever practicable, any such protocol should allow for concerns regarding property management agents’ employees to be directed to a responsible principal.

It should also provide a timeline for dealing with any issues that arise, requiring the property management firm to investigate and report back in a timely and equitable manner.

The landlord, freeholders, leaseholders, and tenants should all be aware of the complaints process. It should not only provide an overall time period, but also response times for each of the stages.