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While a major move toward the treatment and eradication of this disease can be traced back to the 11th century, it took hundreds of years for a potential cure to be adopted globally. It was found that those who had survived and conquered the disease were resistant to it in the future. Variolation was a procedure in which people who had never had smallpox were exposed to the disease in small doses in order to build up a resistance against it in the future, but not so much that they were severely infected. Visit here https://www.erasecosmetics.com/5-tips-for-clean-and-healthy-skin

This first realisation for immunity was discovered by a Buddhist nun who took scabs from infected people and ground them into a powder, then instructed the healthy to inhale some of the powder through their nose! This method was used in China and India throughout the 18th century until reaching Europe in the second half of the century. Of course, it was a triumph for dermatology, with a significant decrease in smallpox deaths. The majority of healthy participants who were given the disease in small doses were resistant, with just a few percent dying as a result of the method’s implementation.

With the observation of an English physician named Edward Jenner, the origin of smallpox becomes even more interesting. He found that those who worked closely with cows (such as milkmaids) contracted cowpox, a milder form of smallpox. Interestingly, none of them seem to have contracted the smallpox virus. He injected fluid from a cowpox-infected milkmaid’s hand into a young child, who displayed no signs of smallpox six weeks later despite having been exposed to the disease.

This was the beginning of the smallpox vaccine, which was widely used by the turn of the nineteenth century. The World Health Organization and dermatology experts formulated a plan to eliminate smallpox worldwide in 1967; it took ten years, with the last confirmed case occurring in Somalia. After three years, smallpox was formally declared eradicated.