A Spotlight of Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Since sexual assault is a crime of dominance and depravity rather than passion, I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers of male and female child victims were similar. Many men, on the other hand, are hesitant to come forward for two reasons. The first is the erroneous belief that if a man gets an erection, he is consenting, and the second is the erroneous belief that all male/male sexual interaction indicates that all men are homosexuals, regardless of the circumstances. Tyler Perry used the phrase “body betraying him” many times during his interview to explain his frustration about having an erection despite the fact that he was not a willing participant in these experiences. He suffered with uncertainty about his own sexuality for several years afterward. Visit us on Sexual abuse lawyers near me.

Let’s be honest about human sexuality for a moment. The sex organs may respond to a variety of stimuli that involve one, many, or all of the five senses. Regardless of gender, we are all capable of being sexually aroused by both male and female partners. That doesn’t mean you’re a homosexual; all it means is that you have sex organs. The key takeaway here is that we must avoid pretending that victims of sexual harassment begged for it or enjoyed it in order to discourage them from reporting it. We must stop labelling men as homosexuals because they were molested by another man, particularly when it comes to men.

Child sex abuse is only possible because of the secrecy that surrounds it. A child is an easy target to exploit because (1) they are used to following adult orders about what, where, and how to do things; (2) when the offender is a parent or other caretaker who is supposed to protect them, the child thinks they have no one to turn to; and (3) they have limited food and shelter choices.

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