The Role of Criminal Defense Lawyer in Combating Federal Charges

A criminal defense lawyer is an attorney specializing in the defense of businesses and individuals charged with criminal offense. Criminal defense lawyers provide legal representation to clients who have been accused of crimes, including fraud, homicide, sexual assault, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and other crimes. Some states allow defense lawyers to practice independently of state law, while many require that lawyers hold state licenses. Those who are accused of crimes in one state but committed crimes in another are usually referred to a “juror” or “trial lawyer,” and may be entitled to legal representation from a different criminal defense attorney. Get more info about Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Association.

The first step in obtaining the services of a criminal defense attorney is to have a consultation with the attorney. In most cases, this will involve an evaluation of the case and possible options. If you are facing serious charges such as obstruction of justice, theft, arson, or assault and battery, it is very likely that a bond hearing will be scheduled for your case. A pretrial investigation will be conducted, including fingerprinting, investigation of the scene of the alleged crime, and the interviewing of witnesses and suspects. You will be allowed to have a private conversation with your bail agent and you will not have to wear a court-ordered ankle bracelet.

There are two aspects to a typical plea bargain: a charge reduction and a recommendation of deferred adjudication. A charge reduction is typically achieved through the consent of the prosecutor. If a defendant offers to plead guilty to a more severe charge, the prosecutor may ask for a guilty plea without taking the case to trial. A defendant can also ask for a sentence of probation without entering a plea agreement. A plea bargain is usually used in serious cases where the defendant realizes he or she will not be able to win on the charges against him or her.

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