Sapphire Sleep – Use a Mattress to Sleep Properly and Improve Your Health

A mattress is a thick, typically rectangular pad for resting a sleeping individual. It is typically designed to be use as an extra bed, or as part of an existing bed frame. The typical mattress, as with most materials, is made from a combination of natural fibers such as cotton and polyester. Memory foams are added during production to provide firmness or to help resist temperature fluctuations, such as during extended or continuous overnight stays in a heated room. If you would like to learn more about this, please check out BoxDrop Cape Girardeau-Sapphire Sleep

One type of mattress commonly used in conjunction with memory foam is the air mattress. Air mattresses work on the same general concept of providing support, but allow the user to provide a more even amount of support by creating a slight air flow over the top of the mattress. The gel memory foam typically adheres to the air. Because the mattress cannot hold moisture, all that really happens is that the moisture collects on the surface of the pad rather than under it. This moisture collects at the edge of the pad rather than underneath it because of poor airflow.

Because the air and moisture are able to escape through small gaps between the seams of the mattress, you actually provide more pressure points throughout the sleeping surface. The increased pressure points create an additional layer of support for your body, as well as reducing the amount of movement that takes place while you are in your sleeping position. In addition to providing increased support and reduced agitation, air mattresses are also available in memory foam form. This memory foam reacts to your weight and changes in temperature more rapidly than regular foam, which means that while you are in your bed, the mattress can conform to the shape of your body much more quickly.