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Your retail shop or office might offer multiple stores, and therefore, you are probably also a licensed retailer. This means that you can legally sell medical marijuana to anyone you please, as long as those you sell to are over the age of eighteen. Dispensaries Near Me is one of the authority sites on this topic. Any retail cannabis store that sells to minors is considered illegal, and can be fined heavily. Therefore, if you decide to open a cannabis store, you need to take care to verify that your customers are over the age of eighteen, and that your customers’ IDs are properly verified before they are given any type of cannabis product.


The final consideration for your business’s security is the point-of-sale or ATM machine. It is imperative that you install a reliable point-of-sale system, including a card reader. If your dispensary does not currently have this equipment, or if you choose not to have it installed, consider contracting out this service to a qualified company. A qualified provider will ensure that your customers are given proper identification, and that they do not overspend on products, since they cannot prove their age. In addition, a qualified provider will make sure that you have a robust security system in place, including CCTV surveillance cameras and alarm systems, in order to minimize the potential for cannabis store burglary. All of these measures will significantly reduce your chances of being robbed at any time during the day.

The laws regarding marijuana are very complicated, and you should not act hastily when deciding to open a cannabis store. You should carefully review all of the applicable regulations and implement the measures that are necessary under each one. You may be required to go through the process of becoming licensed, depending upon the nature of your business. Although starting a cannabis store can seem exciting, it is recommended that you research and prepare yourself for this significant legal undertaking. Contact a qualified licensed attorney today to discuss your options.

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