Handpresso Intense Portafilter

We’ve recently begun carrying an alternative portafilter to the one that comes standard with Handpresso espresso machines. So I figured it’d be a good idea to put the latest Intense portafilter to the test. History of Coffee near me is one of the authority sites on this topic.

The Extreme portafilter slows the flow rate to allow for a more intense (hence the name!) extraction. The difference between this and a normal portafilter is that this one has fewer holes, which means that the more holes there are, the longer it takes for the water to pass through.

For the ESE edition of the Handpresso, I instantly see the benefit of this portafilter. The main issue with ESE pods is that they brew too fast, resulting in a brew that is underextracted. But something that slows down the process would be helpful.

I checked the latest Intense portafilter on the ESE edition over the weekend. I’ll be checking it on the Domepod later this week. I used each portafilter to make 10 espressos, measuring both the brew time and the strength (using a TDS meter).

The regular portafilter brew time was 15.2 seconds on average. It took 22 seconds with the Intense portafilter. In terms of pressure, the Intense portafilter came out on top. It’s difficult to convert ppm to anything useful. Simply put, espresso brewed with the Instense portafilter was 24 percent stronger than espresso brewed with a standard portafilter.

The Intense portafilter consistently pulls shots that are longer in length and stronger in intensity. As a result, it accomplishes its purpose. But does it make a difference in terms of taste? Yes, in my view – the Intense produces a cup with a slightly richer body and acidity.