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A fire extinguisher is simply an active, fire-retarding tool used to extinguish or suppress small contained fires, usually in emergencies. It’s not designed for use on a full-scale fire, like one that has spread to the ceiling, threatens the user, or otherwise takes the expertise of a fire department. Still, in many situations it’s a very practical and necessary tool to have in your home, particularly if you live in a multi-story house with multiple floors. You can’t always be sure when there is a small electrical fire burning in your kitchen or other area, and it’s very easy to lose control when you are cooking or doing something else around the house. Even if you manage to stop the fire with a fire extinguisher, it’s not a guarantee that it will take care of itself, and it certainly won’t make the fire go away by itself – a real fire extinguisher has an instant flame-retarding effect, so it’s unlikely to do much good if you try to put it out yourself. Look at more info Allstate Sprinkler Corp. – The Bronx Fire Extinguishers

There are several types of fire extinguishers, based on how they work and on what they are best used for. Combination fire extinguishers are a mix of chemicals including chemicals that act as oxygen, as well as substances that act as a flame retardant. For instance, Ethylene Glycol (Erythrophyl) is mixed with Propylene Glycol (propane), in order to create a more responsive agent. If the temperature drop for the fire extinguisher to work, the flames may spread to nearby objects before they die down, depending on their composition. Also, certain materials tend to be more appropriate as fuel for fire extinguishers, especially metal and plastic materials.

Fire extinguishers also come in two forms: wet chemical and dry chemical. A wet chemical fire extinguisher has ingredients like sodium silicates and is usually stored in a canister that can be pumped out into a larger container when needed. The dry kind, on the other hand, releases a spray of chemicals, which is usually stored in a canister and is easy to aim at a fire. Some wet chemical fire extinguishers also use heat shock to bring down the fire. While this method may sound more hazardous than it actually is, it’s still a lot better than standing around with a bucket of water, hoping that you can smother the fire.